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Take me down to Paradise City

Mega-festival in Marlboro brings under one roof hundreds of crafts you can wear, admire, sit on -- and
Ushered in with the equinox, the silver anniversary of the Paradise City Arts Festivals will be marked by familiar works of wearable, hangable, sit-on-able and decorative pieces from around the country. Read More >>
'Captive State' may not be your cup of ET

In a dystopian future, about 10 years after their arrival on Earth, aliens have taken complete control of the government. Set in Chicago, "Captive State" explores the lives of the humans being forced to live under the aliens' control. Read More >>
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Tanglewood 2019: Classics, crooners and Criminals

Tanglewood solidified its 2019 lineup of popular artists with the recent announcement that nine-time Grammy winners Earth, Wind & Fire will return to the Koussevitzky Music Shed stage in Lenox. EWF will play Friday, June 28. Read More >>
An Italian feast -- for the eyes

Fitchburg Art Museum celebrates inspiring Italian cinema in its upcoming Italian Film Festival, March 28-30. The movies range from classic to contemporary and tackle the complexities of self, home and human connection through the Italian lens. Read More >>
Bronx Tale actor loves working with DeNiro, Palminteri

Joe Barbara is a nice guy, polite, down-to-earth and friendly. But he knows how to play it cool, too, and how to instill a little fear in those around him. Read More >>
JNSQ Rosé Cru: Message in a bottle to millennials

Je ne sais quoi? I've heard the phrase but never understood it until I read it on a wine bottle. Je ne sais quoi is the lovely French way of describing "someone so unique and so exceptional that no words exist to sufficiently capture her essence. Read More >>
McKean updates, lightens his book on Lowell's Irish

If you've had the pleasure of following Dave McKean around the Acre or St. Patrick's Cemetery on walking tours, you know that he loves that section of the city and the subject of the history of Irish in Lowell. Read More >>

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