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Not one person who watched "The Monkees" on television in the 1960s could have ever imagined that, more than a half century later, they would still be a touring presence. Yet, The Monkees (these days consisting of Michael Nesmith and Micky Dolenz) will be at the Chevalier Theatre in Medford on Friday, March 1, at 8 p.   Read More >>
The first announcement of the 2019 Lowell Summer Music Series lineup, released earlier this week, is one of the most enduring acts of the past half-century -- the Beach Boys. The second announcement is one of the most buzzworthy acts to play Boarding House Park in quite some time.   Read More >>
The Beach Boys have been a summertime staple for decades, and even when it's not summer, there's nothing better than the California sounds to make you think of sunsets at the beach. Here we are, deep in the winter, miles away from the beach, and one of the original Beach Boys is coming to town.   Read More >>
When you hit it big early, it's almost impossible to sustain greatness as an adult. In fact, these days, those who taste fame as a child often end up on a "reality" TV show as they get older.   Read More >>
In a sea of unsolicited pitches from publicists I've never met promoting artists I've never heard of came an email I get every year about this time and I always look forward to receiving. Except this year, something different happened.   Read More >>
There were three pre-eminent boy bands in the 1990s: Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and 98º. Time went by, and the bands diverged, though Backstreet Boys reunited a few years ago and have gone on several successful tours with New Kids on the Block as well as Florida-Georgia Line.   Read More >>
'Tis the season for holiday-themed concerts, but when it comes to country music in our fair city, that never goes out of style. Pretty much every big-name country act has played Lowell in the past two decades, whether it's headliners like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, or time-tested acts like George Jones.   Read More >>
One-hit wonders have two choices when the fanfare dies down and the musical cognoscenti have moved on to the next big thing: Get out of the music business or go in a different direction.   Read More >>
We can either complain about the early onset of holiday festivities ... or just embrace the spirit behind them and enjoy the season. It's too easy to complain, so let's try to make the most of it. One holiday tradition that returns in a few weeks is the KISS 108-FM Jingle Ball, which takes place Tuesday, Dec.   Read More >>
He is best known for being half of one of the biggest rock duos of all time, but unlike his former partner, Art Garfunkel isn't leaving the road anytime soon. In fact, the iconic Garfunkel is taking the road to Tupelo Music Hall in Derry on Nov.   Read More >>


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