What better way to ward off the cold than with a scarf? This fall and winter, scarves are tremendously trendy. They keep you warm, add color, and are oh-so-versatile.

Behold, the guide I turn to when I'm in dire need of new ways to tie my scarves. Here we have 40 different ways, and I guarantee you that's a lot more ways you could've thought of on your own. Am I right? By using these ideas in your outfits, you'll make yourself more stylish. Abandoning mainstream ways of tying your scarf will make your style more original and less ordinary. Try braiding your scarf, wearing a belt over it, tying it in a bow or tying the ends in knots. One scarf can be worn in so many ways, so make sure you take advantage of "40 ways to tie a scarf" because it's a huge help.

Go from ordinary to original.

xx, ZM

From www.lowell-sun.com/zmalfashion/.