Ah yes, chambray. Also known as lightweight cloth that mimics denim, but less "heavy duty." Walk into any J.Crew and you'll be surrounded by perfectly styled mannequins wearing chambray blouses. It can be a casual or dressy look depending on the pants, skirt or leggings worn with it. This spring, chambray is big, so I suggest you add a button up to your "to buy" list.

Just how is a chambray shirt styled? Well, I'll let you in on a few of my favorite ways. First, find one of your favorite, bold necklaces, and pair it with your top. Chambray blouses aren't very detailed, they may have pockets or visible buttons, but aside from that you'll be needing some help in the accessory department.

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Button up your blouse and wear the necklace over the collar and shirt, or unbutton it and have your necklace peeking through your shirt like you'd normally wear it. Both ways look great. Next, wear your shirt with colored khakis, leather leggings, normal leggings or white denim pants. I really, well, hate, the denim on denim look even if it's chambray. It's just not very chic. With colored pants, white pants or leggings, your top will stand out and there will be a contrast. Contrasts are fabulous and the shirt will essentially look more bold. And that's what makes a perfect outfit. Lastly, I have more tips about accessories. Stack them on your wrists -- watch, bangles, bracelets -- as much as you can.


I mean, don't make it look overdone and sloppy, but have an arm party! When your sleeves are rolled up and cuffed, an arm party is just what you need.

With these simple tips -- either each individually or them all put together -- you'll be rocking your chambray shirt as if you were a J.Crew mannequin or model.

Good luck!

xx, ZM

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