Nathalie Pires

Portuguese fado

A tradition dating back hundreds of years, fado singing is often described as the soul of the Portuguese people. The emotional core of the fado is saudade, an indefinable yearning or nostalgia. The singer, usually accompanied by guitar, expresses the soulfulness of this music tradition.

Nathalie Pires, born and raised in New Jersey into a family of Portuguese immigrants, first attracted notice as a fado singer at age 13 for the bright tone of her voice, stage presence depth of feeling In 2007, she recorded her first album, "Correme O Fado Nas Veias (Fado Runs In My Veins)," and has shared the stage with the great fadista, Anita Guerreiro, who offered to be her "artistic godmother," a fado tradition.

She has performed at such venues as the United Nations, the Kennedy Center and the Brooklyn Academy of Music. In addition to gaining popularity in Portuguese communities throughout the United States, Pires has been recognized as a notable fadista in Portugal, performing in Lisbon at the "Gala Amalia" presented by the Amalia Rodrigues Foundation.

At the Lowell Folk Festival, Pires will be accompanied by José Vieira da Silva (Portuguese guitar), Viriato Ferreira (acoustic guitar), and Pedro Pimentel (bass).

SCHEDULE: Saturday, Boarding House Park, 1 p.m., St. Anne's, 5:15 p.m.; Sunday, Boarding House Park, 3 p.m..