Ta Dilina


Ta Dilina in Greek means "the sunsets." It's a fitting name for this dynamic Greek ensemble, who was inspired by the much-anticipated time of day when Greeks put behind a day's worth of labor and head for the local tavern or club. There, they join hearts and souls in a spirited celebration of life's trials and joys as expressed in Greek dance music. The dance songs are as varied as the regions of their origins, but have one thing in common - they are true classics recognized by every generation.

Ta Dilina has been performing these songs since the band's formation in the mid 1970's, and, though the faces of this group have changed during the three decades, the band's commitment to this powerful music remains true. Ta Dilina features some of the region's most talented Greek musicians -- Phil Papadopolos (bouzouki), Jim Speros, (guitar), Mal Barsamian, (clarinet), Tony Vatousious (keyboards), and John Piasteras (drums). The band performs regularly at Greek festivals, concerts, weddings, christenings, family events, and restaurants.

SCHEDULE: Sunday, JFK Plaza, noon; Market Street, 3 p.m.