The Boys Band epitomizes the "push style" of polka music, where the bellows-shaking accordion provides the drive and the concertina does the lead work. Electric bass, drums and a brass section of two trumpets will turn an ensemble into a rollicking dance band.

The Boys Band plays polka music with Polish roots, a style that was born in Chicago and has evolved into some of the most contemporary of polka genres. Their repertoire is a mix of three basic types of dances: the 2/4 or "cut" time, which has a rhythmic push to it, the 3/4 time waltz, and the oberek, which is a faster waltz with a nice bounce.

Founded in 1980, The Boys played their signature style of polka music for more than a decade then disbanded in 1990. In that time, they recorded five albums and accumulated regional and national honors, including the United States Polka Association's 1989 Favorite Band and 1989 Favorite Album awards. After occasional reunion appearances, The Boys regrouped and are performing at select venues nationwide.

This six-piece band is led by founder Mike Matousek (bass and vocals). Making up the rest of the band are Mike Evan (trumpet and vocals), Allen Puwalski (accordion and vocals), Dave Morris (concertinas), Frank Lizka (trumpet and vocals) and Jeff Yash (drums).

SCHEDULE: Saturday, Dutton Street, 12:15 p.m, JFK Plaza, 2 p.m.; Sunday, Dutton Street, 12:30 p.m., JFK Plaza, 3 p.m.