The Cape Verde Islands off the coast of West Africa, discovered by the Italians and the Portuguese in the mid 15th century, became a Portuguese colony, populated by a mix of European and West African descendants who spoke a Portuguese Creole. Cape Verde gained its independence from Portugal in 1975.

Cape Verdeans immigrated to the United States at the beginning of the 19th century, often as crew on whaling ships; they continued to work in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island whaling and fishing industries. They brought with them their culture, particularly their music, including morna, with its themes of love and mourning, funana,an accordion-based genre with a pulsating rhythm, and batuque, a singing genre with a satirical bent).

The Masters of Cape Verdean Music feature singer Maria "Lutchinha" Leite Neves and guitar player Zerui De Pina. Neves, a native of Cape Verde, has performed for almost 30 years and, since settling in Brockton, has continued to sing at at Cape Verdean weddings and other community events. Lutchinha currently performs with the Boston-based all-female band "Cruzamente" ("Crossroads") which she founded. De Pina, also a native of Cape Verde who immigrated to the United States, has played and toured the U.S., Canada andother parts of the world with a number of Cape Verdean bands.

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