Calabria Bella is an ensemble of seven musicians, all of whom, except one, come from the town of Acri in Calabria, in the southern part of Italy.

They moved to the United States in the early 1970s, settling in Westerly, R.I., home to a large Italian community, mostly from Calabria. They carried with them the traditional songs from their region.

Calabria Bella includes Angelo DeCaro on the accordion and the concertina, Archangelo Ferraro on the accordion, Salvatore DeCaro and Jeff Crouch on the guitar, Antonio Di Giacomo on bass, Angelo DeGiacomo on the tambourine and Adelmo Intreri on drums. Both accordion players (Angelo and Archangelo) are also known for their singing. Their repertoire includes tarantellas, waltzes and some older songs (villanellas) generally associated with farm work.

SCHEDULE: Saturday, JFK Plaza, noon; Market Street, 2 p.m.