Modern Family starlet Ariel Winter, who plays nerdy teenager Alex Dunphy, has been in the hot seat lately.  Co-workers claim that Ariel's mother, Chrystal Workman, was “hated” by everyone on set.

Last week, reports came out that Ariel had been verbally, mentally, and emotionally abused by her mother.  Sources close to the show say that Chrystal would sit on set and watch her daughter Ariel like a hawk, berating her for her physical attributes and personal style.  Chrystal also put Ariel on a strict diet, allowing her to eat only the bare minimum.

TMZ reports that crew members developed a plan to “sneak” the 14-year-old actress food when her mom wasn't looking.

Sources also say that Chrystal was very vocal about her daughter's money, claiming that she needed to pay for their house, managers and publicists.

Chrystal Workman continues to deny all allegations. In the mean time, Ariel Winter is now under the temporary custody of her older sister.