There are two types of people in this world: The people that hate Christmas music, and the people that love Christmas music... until they've listened to it long enough to hate it. Luckily, there are still some great shows in the month of December that don't require you to listen to "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a hundred times (but it would be kind of cool if Mariah came and sang that song live).

2 Chainz

House of Blues, Dec. 4. Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel, Dec. 5
  • 2 Chainz is living proof that if you fail in life, all you have to do is change your name and hop on a couple Kanye West songs to get back on track. His debut studio album, Based On A T.R.U. Story, came out in September to commercial success and a decidedly middling critical reception. Tickets available at Ticketmaster starting at $25.

Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel plays Tupelo Music Hall, Dec. 5
Sister Hazel plays Tupelo Music Hall, Dec. 5

Tupelo Music Hall, Dec. 5. Paradise Rock Club, Dec. 7

  • Remember that acoustic, two-part-harmony jam "All For You" from 1997 that sounded like a better version of a Hootie and the Blowfish song? The band, Sister Hazel, also has a slew of other songs across eight albums, and you've got two chances to check them out in December. Tickets for the Tupelo show available at at $45; for Paradise, tickets available at Ticketmaster starting at $20.

KISS Jingle Ball


Justin Bieber plays the Kiss108 Jingle Ball Dec. 6
Justin Bieber plays the Kiss108 Jingle Ball Dec. 6

TD Garden, Dec. 6

  • Ohhh, OK Jingle Ball, you're too big-time for Lowell now, huh? Fine. Be that way. We don't want to see Justin Bieber, The Wanted, Train, Karmin and all those other people anyway -- and neither does anybody else... oh wait, you're sold out? Well... stupid Jingle Ball. Tickets for the Jingle Ball are sold out at the moment, but new tickets may become available. For more information, visit

The Dan Band (A Holiday Show)

The Wilbur Theatre, Dec. 7

  • The Dan Band is famous for appearing in Old School, singing an obscenity-laden version of Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at Frank the Tank's wedding. The concert is probably worth it just to hear that song, but the rest of their repertoire is supposed to be hilarious as well. Tickets available at Ticketmaster starting at $31.

Leonard Cohen

Citi Performing Arts Center, Wang Theatre, Dec. 15-16

  • One of the greatest songwriters ever is coming to Boston -- and unlike Bob Dylan, he can actually still sing. Leonard Cohen is touring in support of his newest album Old Ideas, which he released in January. Tickets available at starting at $75.

Harry and the Potters: 8th Annual Yule Ball

Middle East Downstairs, Dec. 16

  • I've never heard Harry and the Potters. I don't know what they look like, what kind of music they play or whether they are Muggles or not. All I know is that they are called Harry and the Potters and they are playing something called a Yule Ball, which is too enticingly nerdy to pass up. Tickets available at starting at $18.

The Killers

Agganis Arena, Dec. 17

  • Yes, good arena rock still exists in this depressing, arena-rock-less world, and The Killers are one of the few remaining purveyors of this bombastic brand of music. Frontman Brandon Flowers and the rest of the band will likely play a few songs from their new album Battle Born, as well as some older, obscure ones like "Mr. Brightside." Currently sold out; tickets available on StubHub starting at $99.

My Morning Jacket

Agganis Arena, Dec. 31

  • Even though Jim James will release a solo album in February, he's still bringing the whole band to Agganis Arena, where the audience is likely to see one of the best live shows available right now -- just don't expect to go to bed at a decent hour. Tickets available at Ticketmaster starting at $60.30.

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