Last week my mother was taking down framed pictures, changing frames and adding to one of our big picture walls in the house. It was fun to give her a hand, and see what she shopped around for to match the different colored rooms. During this re-decorating process, I thought up some of my own ideas for décor. My favorite piece of furniture is a bookcase, and, in my opinion, the bigger the better. I love when they're filled with all sorts of books and organized by color. I always look through Pinterest boards of interior design, and colorful, bold bookcases always strike me as super glam. Someday when I have my own home -- in just a few years, oddly enough -- I'm going to have the most decorated bookcase on the block.

But how do you make your bookcase bold? Organize your books by color and size to start. From there, add in some little decorative pieces. Framed pictures, stacked magazines, small figurines -- it all adds to the color and essence of the design. Make sure that you're not creating a cluster, though. In order for your bookcase to reach maximum glamour, it has to be organized and sharp. Lean some books a certain way, and others a different way. Stack some, place some the long way.


Creating depth in design is really all about variety. Don't have everything go the same way, switch it up! I said to put similar colors together, and in addition to this, take one of each color and put it with another to mix it up and keep it interesting. Uniform isn't what we're aiming for here, we want ours of the ordinary, fabulous design. Do your own thing with it. Make sure not to have your books and trinkets in an ordinary order, and you'll be good to go.

Decorate with creativity.

xx, ZM