I've just gotten back to the U.S. from Costa Rica and let's face it, I'm tired, still hot from the sun, and only interested in comfortable outfits at the moment. The perfect solution to my laziness is a pair of boyfriend jeans. For those of you who aren't familiar, boyfriend jeans are designed for women, but are looser and appear almost as a unisex pair of jeans; they're a kind of modified menswear. The style has been steady since 2010, and I've been a fan ever since then, too. The boyfriend trend is all about wearing pants that look a size too big for the wearer. It is recommended to only go up one size -- you don't want to look as if you're not put together! The boyfriend jean is a staple for every girl's closet, and there are many different ways to wear a pair.

I have three favorite ways to wear boyfriend jeans. First, I adore when they're worn with heels. With cropped bottoms and a simple heel, the look makes your legs appear longer and leaner, and who doesn't love wearing a pair of heels? This takes away from the masculine look and brings it right back to 100 percent feminine. Next, pair your boys with a blazer. Why? Well if you're wearing a simple tee, which I love with these jeans, a blazer is just the right piece to add.


They're in style and also a little on the masculine side, so it goes with the entire look. Blazers are slick, and a woman who can pull off a blazer is indeed the best kind of woman. Thirdly, I love a satchel with boyfriend jeans. Satchels are usually kind of droopy and oversized, just like the jeans. Similar to the blazer, it just goes with the look. They're along the same theme, and really go well together.

When you're wearing boyfriend jeans, it's best to remember not to go too big, just a size bigger so they're loose but they still fit you. Add accessories and don't doll yourself up too much -- that's not the boyfriend look. Wear the pants one of the ways I mentioned, and bam, you'll be the chicest girl on the block. Remember, loose jeans aren't just for boys. Let's give 'em a run for their money.

A pair of jeans is the best kind of boyfriend.

xx, ZM

From http://www.zmalfashion.com/.