Ben Affleck gets Best Picture
Ben Affleck gets Best Picture

-- Great story for Ben Affleck. The guy improbably raised from the ashes of bad Hollywood to become a successful director whose made three really good movies, his latest of which is now Best Picture. Having said that, Argo was a predictable, lame choice. While entertaining, it was the least impressive of all the nominees (in a fantastic year for movies) and won very much for depicting a situation where Hollywood helped a national crisis. Zero Dark Thirty was a better film, yet was passed over because the Academy is full of Wicked Witches who are afraid of a little water.

-- The eloquent Daniel Day-Lewis somehow wrote all of the real Abraham Lincoln's speeches. In the 1800's. I don't know how he did it, but I'm sure of it.

Jennifer Lawrence came off as cool and down-to-earth, with a dress that looked good even if it did make her fall down.
Jennifer Lawrence came off as cool and down-to-earth, with a dress that looked good even if it did make her fall down.

-- Sunday was the end of the beginning of the Anne Hathaway unlikability tour. During her acceptance speech, Twitter raged with comments about her fake emotion, her annoying peppiness and ill-fitting dress. Contrast that with Jennifer Lawrence, who came off as more cool and down-to-earth, with a dress that looked good even if it did make her fall down. If I were betting on a film star for the next decade, it'd be Jennifer Lawrence; if I were betting on an actress unleashing arrogance after a few failed pics, it'd be Anne Hathaway.


-- Twitter was very active Sunday night, with the funniest phenomenon being the reactions to the many silver-haired foxes winning for the technical awards. Many made the comparison to aged prog-rockers, as well as the villains from Die Hard. I personally thought they were the spitting image of the group of Elves that came to help fight the Orcs at Helm's Deep.

-- When did the James Bond franchise turn into one long, generic Steven Seagal movie?

-- Look, I love Chicago as much as the next ... um, guy, but was it really a "game-changing" movie musical? What game did it change? The game where all the players aside from Catherine Zeta-Jones still made good films?

-- Seth MacFarlane: I'd give him a B-minus. The "We Saw Your Boobs Song" wasn't funny, nor was it satirical as its defenders are making it out to be; if you're going to joke about how awful something would have been if you had actually done it, and then you do it anyway while seemingly under that guise ... you're still doing it. The eating disorder joke didn't really work either and was pretty derogatory, even for him.

But we're really getting mad about a Lincoln joke (which was hilarious, by the way)? We're really going to twist his jokes about Rex Reed and George Clooney around and distort their intent so that we can have something to complain about?

He said it best on Twitter afterwards when he referred to the hosting job as the "Kobayashi Maru," the test on Star Trek which nobody passes. If you're universally loved, like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, you get praised even if you put on a comparably uneven performance (which also included jokes about eating disorders, Taylor Swift's serial dating history and Lena Dunham doing porn, yet nobody made a fuss). But if you're the least bit divisive, the P.C. Police will rip you to shreds.

So bring back a "safe" choice like Billy Crystal next year, since he was so great.

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