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I've added a new destination to my Bucket List: Leonardo da Vinci's long-lost and now revived vineyard in Milan. Yes, the 16th-century genius in art and science was also a vintner. He loved wine and, ever the visionary, wrote about its health benefits as the "divine juice of the grape.   Read More >>
Haven Daley / AP
Anyone for steak and onion Kolsch? Or a macaroni and cheese pale ale? Those were among the flavors at the recent Strange Brew Festival in Reno, Nev., where competition for attention has intensified as craft beers have boomed.   Read More >>
"You want it darker," sang the late, great poet-singer Leonard Cohen in one of his final albums before he died in 2016. Too bad he wasn't singing about wine. Yes, Mr. Cohen, I want it darker, too — in the glass.   Read More >>
Is your summer half empty or half full? Recently, I overheard several people lament that, following the Fourth of July, the summer season "is all but over." Blasphemy! Don't be a summer-doldrums-type person.   Read More >>
Pizza is food, says Marco Caputo, and it should be cooked so that all the ingredients' flavors emerge — some patiently, others powerfully — to be enjoyed as a meal. When Caputo talks pizza, your mouth starts watering for a taste.   Read More >>
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As the summer rolls on and barbecue parties heat up, Riesling is often left by the wayside for other chilled whites. It shouldn't be. Riesling is an embraceable, all-season wine that stimulates the senses with bright fruit and crisp minerality traits.   Read More >>
When I hear "Bonanza," I think instantly of the wildly popular 1960s action-packed western TV series starring Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright and his three disparate sons — Hoss (Dan Blocker), Adam (Pernell Roberts) and Little Joe (Michael Landon) — patrolling the Ponderosa ranch and defending it from unscrupulous bad guys.   Read More >>
Whether a wine costs $10 or $50, the best are those that over-deliver on quality and price. This equates to value. It is the same concept applied every day by millions of consumers hunting for bargains on clothes, cars, food, computers, etc.   Read More >>
Say "Happy Father's Day" this Sunday with a gift of wine. Here are five extraordinary options for the dad and/or grandad on your list. 1. If Dad is a golfer, plant a bottle of Meiomi Pinot Noir ($16.59 at Costco) in his cart.   Read More >>
I'm not being flip when I say, "Drink red wine and help a veteran." As you may know, this week marks an historic day in American and world history. Thursday is the 75th anniversary of the allied forces' D-Day invasion to liberate France — and, later, all of Europe — of Nazi Germany's tyranny.   Read More >>


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