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Where did the summer go? Today is the first day of autumn and the Wine Goddess has already begun her fall gardening protocol: Relocating plants, pruning shrubs, taking down water fountains, putting patio furniture in the shed, etc.   Read More >>
By Jessica Roy Most people think the life of a chef means nightly glamorous five-course meals at home.   Read More >>
The Mill City Oenophile Club met in late August to review an international selection of Sauvignon Blancs and one red wine -- an outstanding Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d'Abruzzo San Martino Rosso.   Read More >>
Food truck mania is sweeping the country, and Greater Lowell is no different. While perhaps a bit slower than other areas, these mobile kitchens on wheels are catching on and gaining popularity throughout the region.   Read More >>
There are very few wine drinking experiences I enjoy more than filling up a glass with a David Phinney wine, savoring it, and trying to figure out the bottle's label.   Read More >>
There's been a resurgence of doughnuts in the breakfast pastry world as a coveted fine culinary creation.   Read More >>
Sitting at the bar with a refreshing drink, or taking a hike that ends with a cool ice cream cone, Greater Lowell has plenty of options to enjoy the last days of August and warm temperatures as summer wanes.   Read More >>
The summer of 2016 has turned out to be my summer of fabulous rosé. I've tasted at least two dozen different bottlings from all over the world even Israel and each one has left a positive impression.   Read More >>
I like my Riesling well-chilled, racy, overflowing with tropical flavor, and dry. Match them with spicy Asian or Thai cuisine, and Riesling's crisp acidity and citrus flavors produce a delightful sensation.   Read More >>
If you re a Costco warehouse chain cardholder, you ve probably seen its exclusive Kirkland Signature brand of wines sold only in the store. They re produced at the Kirkland winery in Healdsburg, Calif., located in Sonoma County.   Read More >>


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