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Session beer is currently on the upswing as a trend in modern American craft beer. Lots of brewers are putting together crisp and surprisingly low-gravity beers with high flavor compared to the majority of low alcohol options that have existed for a long time.   Read More >>
ACTON -- Owned by Jenifer Apazidis and her husband John Apazidis, the Red Raven Gastropub is a restaurant with a little bit of everything. The Red Raven has two bars, a pub, a bistro dining room, a regular dining room and an outdoor deck.   Read More >>
Third review for Navigation on Original Gravity and I'm still as excited as ever for its inevitable expansion and growing popularity. I got to visit recently to pick up some empty bottles for my own homebrew ventures and walked away with a bottle of this, Double Porter, as a gift from PJ and Bob; thanks, guys!   Read More >>
The Greater Merrimack Valley has a rich, centuries-long immigrant tradition. As such, the culinary landscape of the area is a vivid, varied one, with pastoral New England favorites like lobster roll just as readily available as Szechuan tofu and and baklava.   Read More >>
Trainer Johnny Nerud said, "I'd rather have a bad day at the track than a good day off it." In a little more than a week, I'll be heading out on my annual trip to Saratoga Springs, N.Y., to take in the horse races, visit a few favorite restaurants, and greet old acquaintances.   Read More >>
After 17 years working a corporate job, Southside Dogs Owner Sandy Roberts decided to follow her heart and open a hotdog stand. However, these are no ordinary hotdogs. These are Chicago hotdogs made with Vienna beef straight from Illinois.   Read More >>
Sometimes I come across a beer that seems really interesting to write about, but it's too high in alcohol to really take care of all by my lonesome. Usually these end up being split amongst friends and mention of them doesn't make it into Original Gravity; today, we'll be doing things differently, however!   Read More >>
Several weeks ago a woman who recognized me as "the wine guy" tapped me on the shoulder in a CVS store and asked if I had ever tried wine in a box. I replied that I hadn't. She seemed disappointed. She said she was at a beach party when the hosts brought out a box wine from a cooler, she tried some, and it was great.   Read More >>
LOWELL -- Tobias Marx wants you to get to know your community. That's why the founder of One 27 Global, a Lowell-based nonprofit, is transforming Lucy Larcom Park into a midsummer paradise on Friday and Saturday, Aug.   Read More >>
The New Albanian Brewing Company is very new to this area, so I had to give something of theirs a go when I saw a small lineup (four or five styles) at Craft Beer Cellar Westford.   Read More >>

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