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Following the recent statewide election, I took a quick 4-day refresher trip to Charleston, S.C., to visit my daughter Jalyn. Now 30, the UMass Lowell graduate is enjoying southern living in what is one of America's most endearing cities.   Read More >>
Care for something stronger? Try an Apple Old Fashioned at Cobblestones Restaurant in downtown Lowell. This Old Fashioned combines the hard tastes of liquor and the soft flavors of the fall.   Read More >>
Trillium is a fairly new microbrewery operating out of a tiny location in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston (now you get the beer name!) which is within the Financial District. It's been making waves with limited and year-round releases for a few years now, and I've mentioned it once before on this blog for its eponymous farmhouse ale.   Read More >>
My third annual Thanksgiving Wine List comes from some of the best wine buyers and tasters in the region.   Read More >>
As we all know, these November nights will keep getting colder and colder. And there is nothing more satisfying than wrapping your fingers around a hot mug. These are the nights one craves a mulled beverage.   Read More >>
GROTON -- The Herb Lyceum at Gilson's Farm owner David Gilson, a descendant of the Mayflower, will be featured on the Nov. 19 episode of Bravo's "Top Chef Boston," filmed at Plimoth Plantation. David Gilson and his son, Will Gilson, who owns Puritan & Company in Cambridge, were both featured at a Thanksgiving-style dinner table, representatives of the Pilgrim descendants.   Read More >>
A good Chardonnay goes a long way toward resolving a dispute in the kingdom run by the Wine Goddess. Believe me, it's her kingdom. Like I've written previously, I entered marriage 23 years ago with one suitcase and am now down to a gym bag; she began with 52 boxes of everything -- clothes, fine china, etc.   Read More >>
Atlantic and Bar Harbor Brewing are sister breweries out of coastal Maine that produce solid, underrated beer and have been doing so for quite a while. Atlantic has recently put out some new bomber-format offerings that the price seemed right for.   Read More >>
When it comes to wine, winter doesn't have to be any less fun than summer. We just take it all inside, off the patio and deck, to the warmth of the hearth and home. 'Tis the season for Malbecs from Argentina, Cabernet Sauvignon from Chile, and Chianti and red blends from Italy -- heat, spice, herbs, berry flavors, violet colors and other wonderful characteristics.   Read More >>
I've had a somewhat rocky relationship with Peak Organic over the years. I used to feel like they were selling themselves on some kind of perceived superiority due to their "certified organic" status, not actually due to producing great beer.   Read More >>


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