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There's been a resurgence of doughnuts in the breakfast pastry world as a coveted fine culinary creation.   Read More >>
Sitting at the bar with a refreshing drink, or taking a hike that ends with a cool ice cream cone, Greater Lowell has plenty of options to enjoy the last days of August and warm temperatures as summer wanes.   Read More >>
The summer of 2016 has turned out to be my summer of fabulous rosé. I've tasted at least two dozen different bottlings from all over the world even Israel and each one has left a positive impression.   Read More >>
I like my Riesling well-chilled, racy, overflowing with tropical flavor, and dry. Match them with spicy Asian or Thai cuisine, and Riesling's crisp acidity and citrus flavors produce a delightful sensation.   Read More >>
If you re a Costco warehouse chain cardholder, you ve probably seen its exclusive Kirkland Signature brand of wines sold only in the store. They re produced at the Kirkland winery in Healdsburg, Calif., located in Sonoma County.   Read More >>
The community groups offering ethnic foods during the Lowell Folk Festival represent the diversity of the Lowell community and the willingness of the Lowell community to share its cultural traditions.   Read More >>
Whenever we walk over to one of my favorite restaurants in the neighborhood, it's pretty much guaranteed that I'm going to order their black bean burger with grilled avocado.   Read More >>
Janet Myers has built a reputation for crafting fine Cabernet Sauvignon at Napa Valley's Franciscan Estate Winery, yet her white wines are also special. Myers has produced two beauties in the 2015 vintage: Equilibrium white blend and Sauvignon Blanc.   Read More >>
If you're looking for a good lobster roll, think again before jumping into the car and heading to the coast.   Read More >>
For five generations the Campbell family of Gaston, Ore., have grown grapes and crafted wine, building a successful enterprise at Elk Cove Vineyards which was launched in 1974. Several years ago, Pat and Joe Campbell started a sister brand, Pike Road, hoping to deliver a quality Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris at affordable prices.   Read More >>


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