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Game day is comin' up, and even though our boys aren't in the Super Bowl, we can still throw a party, and enjoy the spread (and the commercials).   Read More >>
For those of you who've never been to the annual Boston Wine Expo, this is the year to make your debut. It's the 25th anniversary of this classic event and its founders, the Boston Guild of Oenophilists, have come up with a spectacular program for the weekend of Feb.   Read More >>
I had the good fortune of tasting several wonderful wines over the holidays, and it is with a sense of sadness I see all the decorations coming down. The parties are over... but the palate lives on! Drinking good Pinot Noir remains one of my lifelong pursuits.   Read More >>
One of the things I love most about being a chef is the fact that there are endless things to learn.   Read More >>
OK, let's all take a sip of Prosecco, refresh the palate and get ready for a great 2016 wine adventure. Seven days into the new year, I've already sampled two reds and two whites for my personal Wine Log.   Read More >>
Why Riesling for Christmas and the holidays? "It's such a versatile, satisfying wine. It goes well with all foods. It's refreshing on the palate," says Lazarus Guisso, a self-described "Amateur de vin" (wine lover) with a sommelier's knowledge of all things vino fino.   Read More >>
Got the wine blahs? Need a different taste to pick up the palate? OK, it happens to all of us. If you're looking for a breather from big, bold reds, why not try Mourvédre (More-VEH-dra)? That's the French name for this black, thick-skinned grape which grows in the country's southern regions where it benefits from more sun, cool Mediterranean breezes and a longer growing season.   Read More >>
Pinot Noir no longer gets shortchanged in America -- and the world -- for good reason: Winemakers in Oregon's Willamette Valley and California's Central Coast have put their stylistic stamp on this persnickety grape to popular effect.   Read More >>
When it comes to producing iconic red wines, Italy can point to outstanding native grapes as the basis for success. The Piedmont's nebbiolo is to Barolo what Tom Brady is to the New England Patriots.   Read More >>
I'm feeling a little betrayed by Mother Nature this week. And to think, we were getting along so well, she and I.   Read More >>


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