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I've had a transformation. In February, I wrote a blog post on my frustration about drinking wine out of a can. I'm not a wine snob by any means, but lifting a cold aluminum can to my lips only to have the wine rush out and up my nose was nearly debilitating.   Read More >>
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The rain will stop at some point, but even if it doesn't, these summer wines will bring rainbows of delight to your table, as they did mine. ATTEMS RAMATO PINOT GRIGIO 2017, Friuli, $9.95* —Note the asterisk in the price.   Read More >>
Washington State wines are no longer a secret to savvy sommeliers. So why aren't more bottlings from the majestic Pacific Northwest showing up on restaurant wine lists? I made this point to a group of friends while hosting a tasting of some of my best Washington State club-member wines.   Read More >>
We're "Running for the Rosés" this week in honor of Saturday's Kentucky Derby, America's greatest horse race. My party drink won't be a mint julep, however. Instead, I'll be sipping a light, refreshing, delicious pink-colored rosé and pairing it with shrimp cocktail, spring rolls, crab Rangoon and a green salad topped with fresh strawberries.   Read More >>
In the early 1990s, when Boston's restaurant renaissance was first in its glory, Bill Sweat and his future wife, Donna Morris, were Fidelity Investments managers by day and passionate food-and-wine explorers by night.   Read More >>
The following Willamette Valley wineries will be pouring their wines at Boston's "Pinot in the City" event on May 2 at The Castle exposition center at the Park Plaza hotel.   Read More >>
Smell the wine, sip it and savor it. Let your Easter wines feel the love. Enjoy the holiday, my friends, and drink responsibly. Here are my suggestions for Easter dinner. (Tip: I'll be pairing a white or rosé as a starter, to be followed with a red for the main course.   Read More >>
This column's sixth annual Easter wine list is diverse and vivacious, thanks to a knowledgeable and passionate group of experts who've forwarded 24 recommendations for your holiday table. All listed wines are available locally or online.   Read More >>
Grilled steaks, braised ribs, burgers and bourbon barrel-aged Cabernet Sauvignon. It's all the rage among trend-setting millennials, people aged 23-38, who have an affinity for new products and tastes.   Read More >>
The Wine Goddess, my wife Mary Lee, handed me a challenge: Select a white wine she had never tasted before to pair with her special dish of mussels, shrimp and linguini in a white clam sauce (no garlic).   Read More >>


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