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In "Thoroughbreds," a sleek and stylish revenge story, a young teenage girl named Lily lives in a wealthy, upscale home in Connecticut with her carefree mother and absurdly angry stepfather. As she's living her life in acceptance of her terrible stepfather, she rekindles a friendship with Amanda, a strange, emotionless girl she knew in middle school.   Read More >>
When first released, the Spanish horror film "Veronica" was hyped up to be one of the scariest horror movies on the Netflix streaming service. However, after viewing, it is evident that it was likely just a plea to get more viewers.   Read More >>
From the writer and director of "Ex Machina" comes a mind-bending science-fiction story about a team of scientists who venture out into The Shimmer, a zone where no man who has entered has come back. That is, until Lena's husband, Kane, returns.   Read More >>
The latest Netflix original horror film is about a group of guys who venture out into the woods and end up leaving the trail, leading them to get hopelessly lost in a forest that gives them the ooks and spooks.   Read More >>
After seeing Clint Eastwood's phenomenal films, such as "Unforgiven," "Mystic River" and "Million Dollar Baby," one would think this whole filmmaking thing wouldn't be too difficult for him anymore. However, "The 15:17 to Paris" seems to be a disappointing head-scratcher.   Read More >>
Scrooge, Marley and the Christmas ghosts can be a bit scary to little kids. But everybody loves "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer," a holiday classic since he first appeared on TV screens in the classic 1964 holiday film.   Read More >>
LOWELL -- Every now and then, I'll listen to a favorite album, or pick up a well-worn book, and think how nice it would be to experience it again for the first time.   Read More >>
NEW YORK -- He says MAGA. She says covfefe. This year has been all about politics, so why not roll with that come holiday gift time? Some ideas for your red and blue staters: THE CAPS: Because who doesn't love a good baseball-style cap?   Read More >>
Managers of the new O'neil Cinemas about to open in The Point describe it as the most advanced movie theater out there.   Read More >>
The box office might be struggling this year, but the horror genre is alive and well. This weekend the "Groundhog Day"-like horror pic "Happy Death Day" scored a first-place finish, surpassing expectations and blowing the much costlier and   Read More >>


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