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The Lion King
Photo by Joan Marcus
It's party time at Broadway in Boston, now in the midst of its 30th anniversary season of presenting Broadway shows in the theater district. And what better way to kick off its 2014-2015 season than with Disney's The Lion King?   Read More >>
The Washington Post A selection of notable new recordings we heard in August. Brad Paisley, "Moonshine in the Trunk": The country superstar calls his terrific 11th album "a Mason jar half full," meaning it might be drunk on its own optimism.   Read More >>
Zach loved Beth -- past tense. But his girlfriend put in her earbuds, trekked off up into the hills, and ... something happened. Because we meet Zach (Dane DeHaan) after her funeral. He's in shock. His parents (Cheryl Hines, Paul Reiser) are ready to move on to "Life After Beth.   Read More >>
One of the most agonizing challenges screenwriters face is pulling off that clever, killer ending. Especially critical are those closing lines, words that wrap up things succinctly, definitively, hauntingly.   Read More >>
Tracy Bennett
When the Game Stands Tall isn't your typical football movie. Which, for its own sake, is both good and bad.It's a positive thing that De La Salle High School football coach Bob Ladouceur's message is broadcast loud and clear: Great teams are more than the sum of their parts.   Read More >>
Doane Gregory/Warner Bros. Pictures
Manipulative, contrived, melodramatic — all labels we slap on that most perfectly titled movie genre, “the weeper.” All fit If I Stay. Chloe Grace Moretz takes on her first real star-vehicle romance in this adaptation of Gayle Forman's novel.   Read More >>
Don't have a cow, man, but "The Simpsons" are about to bombard your television set like never before. To celebrate its landmark acquisition of the exclusive cable and non-linear video-on-demand rights to the iconic animated series, FXX has plans to launch an epic, record-breaking marathon of "The Simpsons" on Aug. 21.   Read More >>
"Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart," a documentary debuting tonight at 9 on HBO, considers what happens when a murder trial is treated as entertainment and explores the role of the media in influencing the outcome.   Read More >>
Victoria Will/Victoria Will/Invision/AP
NEW YORK (AP) — Michael Cera released an indie folk album last week — quietly, in a way almost as unassuming as the actor himself.   Read More >>
Provided by CBS Films
The de-Potterization of Daniel Radcliffe continues. It's still hard to imagine the now grown man as anything other than the lovable little orphan with a white owl and a magic wand, but he manages to make us forget, if just for a bit, in the romantic comedy "What If."   Read More >>

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