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Provided by STX Productions via AP
Matthew McConaughey seethes with righteous fury in "Free State of Jones," a tale based on an intriguing, little-known chapter of Civil War history that, despite impeccable intentions, becomes   Read More >>
Vince Valitutti/Columbia Picture
When temperatures climb into the triple digits, you won't be sorry if you duck into a theater to savor this 87-minute Blake Lively vehicle. It's silly enough to serve as a perfect summer thriller.
By John Anderson Newsday (TNS) We knew it would happen again. When "Independence Day: Resurgence" lands in theaters on Friday, carrying wanton, worldwide destruction in its wake, it will be reviving a long-dormant franchise that was never   Read More >>
Jens Kalaene/dpa via AP
'Independence Day’ director Roland Emmerich says he doesn’t like superheroes in capes and can’t understand why they fly.   Read More >>
LOS ANGELES -- The forgetful blue fish of "Finding Dory" is box-office gold. The Pixar sequel far surpassed its already ocean-sized expectations to take in $136.   Read More >>
Claire Folger, Warner Bros. Pictures
Dwayne Johnson is so winning in "Central Intelligence" that the action comedy is worth a watch despite its familiar buddy- comedy beats.   Read More >>
Yes, 'Finding Dory' has a similar story line to its predecessor, 'Finding Nemo,' but with some lovable new characters and a charming lesson about never giving up, the movie stands strong on its own.   Read More >>
Writer-director Andrew Stanton explains why it took so long to create a follow-up to the Oscar-winning 2003 animated hit 'Finding Nemo,' which grossed $937 million worldwide at the box office and became the highest-selling DVD of all time.   Read More >>
NEW YORK (AP) -- The recent slump of sequels at the box office finally caught a break with "The Conjuring 2," a horror sequel that topped weekend theaters with an estimated $40.   Read More >>
Duncan Jones has directed the big-screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment's multiplayer 'Warcraft.' In the mix are knight Lothar (Travis Fimmel), King Wrynne (Dominic Cooper) and captured orc-human woman Garona (Paula Patton), who are relying on the wizard Medivh (Ben Foster) to save the kingdom from hulking, orcs pouring through a magical portal to conquer this realm with brute force and black magic.   Read More >>


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