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"Dear Evan Hansen" introduces us to a new kind of hero, an anxious teenage outsider who unwittingly becomes the voice of reason in the midst of an unspeakable tragedy. It is a story of isolation, loss, honesty .   Read More >>
courtesy Nintendo
The best art pushes people to create. Great works spark that desire to make music or put brush to canvas. With video games, that has been a little harder. In the past, developers had to know a little of everything — programming, visuals and design.   Read More >>
AP / Pixar Animation
After nine years since the last addition to the franchise, Pixar returns for a fourth entry in its "Toy Story" series.. Not a single "Toy Story" movie in the past led to any kind of disappointment, so it wasn't surprising to discover that "Toy Story 4," in theaters now, is just as much of a delight as the previous three.   Read More >>
Courtesy rooster teeth
Rooster Teeth has built a business on creating content using other games. Its show, "Red vs. Blue," was hugely successful and created a sprawling content company that produces original content such as "RWBY" and streaming "Let's Play" shows.   Read More >>
Nick Harrison / Lowell Sun
Ian Anderson is a natural-born storyteller, but spend five decades as the flute-playing, occasionally cod-piece-wearing frontman of Jethro Tull, and yeah, you'll have some stories to tell. Anderson, who called from his office in England recently to talk about his upcoming shows, is continuing the celebration of Jethro Tull's 50th anniversary, which kicked off last year — 50 years after the   Read More >>
Toy story 4Opens: Friday Rated: G Running Time: 100 minutes Stars: 3 of 4 By Lindsay Bahr AP Film Writer It's futile to ask "why more" in the movie business, but it's hard not to go in a little suspicious of a fourth "Toy Story.   Read More >>
blue manchu
Outer space is a place of infinite possibilities and hard realities. It can be a setting that invites the fantastic with light sabers and the Force, and it can also be a sobering locale bounded by science.   Read More >>
Wild and Crazy Guys: How the Comedy Mavericks of the 80s Changed Hollywood Forever (Crown Archetype), by Nick de Semlyen Our favorite funnymen of the 1980s   Read More >>
Bruce Springsteen's new studio release, "Western Stars," breaks fresh ground for the veteran rocker, who turns his back not only on the blistering sound of the E Street Band but also abandons the haunting acoustic moods pioneered on "Nebraska" and fine-tuned on later solo efforts.   Read More >>
courtesy koei tecmo
The "Atelier" franchise isn't as popular as the heavy hitters of the Japanese role-playing game genre, but it has an intense following among players. That fandom has been strong enough to spawn 20 main titles.   Read More >>


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