• -- Bond dominates: Skyfall topped last weekend's box office with $87.8 million, making it the most lucrative opening weekend for any film in the franchise. Analysts are crediting the four-year gap between films, the critical reception of Sam Mendes's directing and Javier Bardem's bleached bowl cut as the reasons for Skyfall's success. Roger Moore called it the best Bond film of all, a calculation which couldn't have taken that long to figure out since he didn't even have to consider his own movies.
  • -- Abrams, Spielberg won't direct Star Wars: J.J. Abrams told Entertainment Weekly that he's not in the running for Star Wars, Episode VII, saying that he's working on finishing the next Star Trek movie and then on some "original stuff," which will probably still be derivative of a Twilight Zone episode or something.
    The cast of 1600 Penn, with Bill Pullman, center
    The cast of 1600 Penn, with Bill Pullman, center
    Steven Spielberg also won't direct, saying that it's "(his) friend George Lucas's genre" -- he apparently has forgotten about how he made Minority Report, A.I. and War of the Worlds, and how Lucas was responsible for the second Star Wars trilogy.
  • -- Hail To the chief, Bill Pullman: We can all breathe a little safer at night knowing that Bill Pullman will be in the Oval Office once again. In a Grover Cleveland-esque move, Pullman is back for another term as the president of the United States, this time on an NBC sitcom called 1600 Penn about the lives of the presidential family. Seriously, will the guy just get it over with already and actually run for president? If he had run this year, he at least would have made it through the Republican primary.


  • -- Grand Theft Auto V details emerge: Some concrete details have finally emerged about Grand Theft Auto V, scheduled to come out and shatter more sales records in the spring of 2013. The sprawling, free-roam game world is supposedly bigger and denser than Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Red Dead Redemption -- combined. Set in Los Santos (standing in for Los Angeles), the game will allow you to switch back and forth between the three protagonists, who do missions together. And the best news of all? After you cause as much fatal mayhem as you can handle, your character can go do yoga (actually true).
  • -- Beatles Vinyl Remasters: Don't know which story is more nerd-worthy: The aforementioned Star Wars news, or the release of the remastered Beatles albums on vinyl. Nothing gets audiophiles their kicks like hearing that the engineers spent hundreds of hours lowering the "s" sounds on "She Said She Said." The box set has a list price of $399.99, which is good because Ringo and Paul definitely need more tropical islands to buy.

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