As it did for many, the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting hit especially close to home for actress Jenna Von Oy.

The Blossom star grew up in Newtown, Conn., and says that the massacre affected her in a "profoundly personal way."

"My family still lives in Newtown and, in my heart of hearts, I still consider myself one of its residents," Von Oy wrote in a blog for People magazine, adding "it is a sobering reminder that violence does not discriminate. It can hit close to home."

In 2010, Von Oy married Brad Bratcher in a bed and breakfast on Newtown's Main Street, gave birth to her 6-month-old daughter at a nearby hospital, and later christened her at St. Rose Church, the same place where the community's vigil was held Friday night.

"I grieve for the parents who lost their beautiful, innocent babies; some of them were friends from high school," Von Oy wrote.

But like many in the vibrant community of Newtown, Von Oy is confident that her hometown will get through this with love and support in the face of their suffering.

Sending all our strength your way, Newtown.