By Katelyn McNamara

Ann Romney might not be our first lady, but following her husband's loss back in November, a hit TV show approached her with an attractive consolation offer.

The "Dancing with the Stars" honchos approached Ann after she appeared on last season's finale and gushed about her love for the show. Sources say that Ann and producers had several meetings to try to hash out the details of being a contestant on the show. While she admitted that she was "very interested," she ultimately decided against it.

I guess the Palins will continue to be the political family in the "Dancing with the Stars" brand.

Beantown to light up the small screen

Southie Rules
Southie Rules

Beantown will be back in the spotlight at month's end as A&E launches its newest reality show, "Southie Rules."

The show will feature the self-proclaimed "last townies standing" in one of the city's most notorious neighborhoods -- the one and only South Boston.

"Southie Rules" is built around the idea that "yuppies, sushi restaurants and $5 cups of coffee" are taking over their longtime, multi-generational Southie way of life and according to A&E, the family won't stand by and "watch their traditions get shoved aside."

The show, which was produced by Somerville-based Powderhouse Productions, follows three generations of an Irish family, all who live under the same triple-decker roof.


Could this be the next "Jersey Shore" of the Bay State? Time will tell!