Amy Schumer in "I Feel Pretty" STX FILMS
Amy Schumer in "I Feel Pretty" STX FILMS

The new comedy "I Feel Pretty" stars Amy Schumer as Renee Bennet, a woman who is highly insecure of her looks and her body. Renee joins a spinning class, where a head injury occurs, causing her to believe that she is drop-dead gorgeous. Now that she has all the confidence in the world, she applies for a job at the world's most highly praised cosmetics company. From there, her life suddenly changes for both her and those around her. At some point, however, she will realize that her appearance has never really changed.

The movie acts as a message about both self-confidence and the way society portrays women's bodies. It's a simple "its on the inside that counts" type of story, but somehow confuses audiences on what it's trying to say, going back and forth from goofball comedy to social commentary. The themes don't mesh well, leaving an unfunny mess of a movie.

The plot lines and character development both contribute to the confusion behind this film. If "I Feel Pretty" is supposed to carry the message it suggests, the characters should be making different choices, and the plot should have taken a different turn. Without being spoilerific, there is a monologue toward the end that seems to contradict what was thought to be the point of the movie. This is a bit frustrating and definitely leaves some heads scratching. Also, as shown in the previews, Renee meets a man who appreciates her for who she is, not how people think she should be. However, in the movie, this storyline isn't necessarily as it seems and somehow shifts the tonal message of the film.


However, it is important to discuss what most people care about. Is the movie funny? "I Feel Pretty" has some humorous scenes and lines, but for the most part, the humor falls flat on its head, much like Renee did in spinning class. If you want to find the humor in this movie, it is important to be a Schumer fan as she is the center of the film -- although that still won't guarantee any laughs.

Michelle Williams ("Manchester By the Sea", "Blue Valentine") plays Avery LeClaire, the head of the LeClaire cosmetics empire. She is a bit of a ditz, giving the humor a little more steam. At times, she is very amusing in the way she expresses her strange personality, but at other times she can be flat-out irritating.

There is a good movie here somewhere, but someplace in the writing process it died. If the plot lines went along with the theme of the movie and there were more humorous characters, there would be something here.

"I Feel Pretty" could have achieved its interesting idea but, unfortunately, ends up falling flat on its head.

Unfunniest Scene: The pageant scene

Most Contradictory Moment: Renee's speech toward the end

Rewatchability: 25%

Grade: D+

Rated: PG-13 for sexual content, some partial nudity and language