CJeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Jodie Foster in "Hotel Artemis" AP/GLOBAL ROAD ENTERTAINMENT
CJeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Jodie Foster in "Hotel Artemis" AP/GLOBAL ROAD ENTERTAINMENT

Written and directed by Drew Pearce, "Hotel Artemis" focuses on a secretly run hospital in the middle of war-torn Los Angeles in the year 2028. The constant violence and riots in the streets leave many wounded, only you need to have a membership to get into the hospital.

Hotel Artemis is run by who we and other characters only know as "The Nurse," played by Jodie Foster. However, the hotel is suddenly having a much busier night now that a group of robbers have come to stay, bringing along with them a stolen pen that is much more valuable than they thought. What it contains belongs to a big-time crime boss named Wolf King, played by Jeff Goldblum.

The cast of "Hotel Artemis" is jam-packed with big names. The obvious ones here are Foster and Goldblum, two beloved and talented actors. While Goldblum is ubiquitous in movies these days, Foster, on the other hand, is making her first on-screen appearance in five years. She has spent those years writing and directing, and it's a breath of fresh air to be reminded of her acting talent.

Sterling K. Brown plays Waikiki, one of the robbers who ran himself into a much bigger problem than imagined. Charlie Day plays the irritatingly violent and aggressive Acapulco, Sofia Boutella plays the sly and kick-ass Nice, and Dave Batista plays the angry and protective Everest, the guard and protector of Hotel Artemis.


While the majority of the characters are criminals, there are plenty of likable ones. However, that's one of the very few things that makes "Hotel Artemis" enjoyable. While it's nothing terrible or unworthy of attention, the film is still quite forgettable. With such an intriguing plot, one would think it would be able to get the audience's attention.

The film is quiet fascinating at first, but scene by scene, it seems to let go of its grip as it derails, leaving much more to be desired.

There is a great film here somewhere, but the biggest problem is the sloppy screenplay.

This isn't to say there is nothing gratifying about the film, however. "Hotel Artemis" is comical here and there, thrilling here and there, and even dramatically meaningful here and there. The only problem is that it fails to stay consistent enough for any of that to matter in the long run.

While it's no train wreck, plenty of mistakes could have been avoided.

Worst Character: Acapulco

Best Character: Waikiki

Best reason to see the film: Jodie Foster

Rewatchabiliy: 50 percent

Grade: C-