The comedy "Tag" is about the childhood game the title suggests.

When a group of friends get together every May, they spend the entire month tagging each other back and forth, even as adults.

This year, the buddies are back at it again and aim to finally tag Jerry (Jeremy Renner), the tag master who has never been caught before. Jerry's wedding is coming up soon and the guys thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to finally get him. That is until Jerry's fiancée delcares, "no tag at the wedding, the reception, or anything-wedding related."

Together, Hoagie (Ed Helms), Chilli (Jake Johnson), Bob (John Hamm) and Sable (Hannibal Buress) must find a way to tag the untaggable. Rebecca, a journalist for the Wall Street Journal tags along with the team.

The movie is just as silly as it sounds and spends no time waiting to get right into the silly action. The film opens with Hoagie applying for a job as a janitor in order to tag Bob at his workplace. "Tag" is full of scene like that, and they get funnier as the movie goes on.

For the most part, it's due to the great cast. Known for his side-splitting performances in "The Hangover" and the hit comedy series "The Office," Helms is no less comical than he is in those roles. Johnson, Hamm and Renner are all hilarious as well.

But perhaps the funniest character is played by Buress, who tosses out completely random comments.


The movie does get a bit ridiculous at certain points and there are plenty of unfunny scenes as well. Still, when certain scenes don't quite hit the mark, they are nonetheless entertaining.

Believe it or not, "Tag" is actually based on a true story. While the actual group of friends is much larger, the movie is based on a group of men who have been playing the childish game since well, childhood. Stay through the credits and you'll see pictures and videos of the actual men playing tag, in the same ways the characters do in the film.

The entire movie is actually a sweet story of friendship and even throws a touch of emotion in toward the end. Overall, the movie is a hilarious comedy that should mostly satisfies audiences.