In Shane Black's version of "The Predator," a military sniper named Quinn McKenna (Boyd Holbrook) and his men are ambushed by an alien known as The Predator after its spacecraft crash-lands. After his men are killed, he attempts to prove to officials that he isn't crazy, and in the process, he is put together with a group of certified nut jobs. However, when The Predator's existence becomes known, he must team up with them to fight the space creature. Also clashing with this storyline is that of his son's who finds The Predator's powerful face mask.

Unfortunately, the plot for "The Predator" is completely underwhelming. Given that this is part of the Predator franchise, that is an incredible disappointment. What does save the film on some level, however, is the action. It's action-packed and totally violent from start to finish. The blood and gore will please many moviegoers, especially those who love The "Predator" movies. People are ripped apart, decapitated, shot, stabbed and more. The list can go on for days. However, the action and blood are about the only things going for this movie.

Olivia Munn plays Casey Bracket, a biologist taken on by the team to investigate the creature. In the beginning, it seems as though she may end up being the kick-butt female lead that the film needs, but it suddenly takes a different turn. It turns out she can't shoot well, and is always saved by the male lead.


"The Predator" had a chance to take the franchise in another important direction, but instead went back to the original ways of the action genre.

The other supporting roles are played by Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Jacob Tremblay and more.

Most are aware of Key for his sketch-comedy show "Key and Peele." He definitely brings his comedic abilities to this movie but isn't able to use his talents to their fullest abilities with the poor writing. For a while, though, his character has some of the funnier lines.

While there are plenty of negatives to this movie, that isn't to say it's not enjoyable. Many will find it incredibly thrilling, while some won't be able to stop rolling their eyes. It depends on taste.

But if the thrills of bloody action tend to win you over, this movie will certainly work for you.

When the film is fun, at the very least, sometimes the writing and performances don't matter as much as they normally do.

Worst scene: The bizarre abrupt opening

Best moment: The scene with the alien dogs

Rewatchability: 50 percent

Grade: C-