For those who don't know, an escape room is a game in which you go into a room (usually with buddies) and attempt to solve the mysteries to make your way to freedom. They're fun and have abso-lutely no possibilities that would result in harm. However, that isn't the case in the movie, "Escape Room."

How fun would that be to watch?

In the movie, six individual strangers come together to play the ultimate escape room, which is advertised as being the most immersive one yet. Those ads weren't lying, but these rooms are perhaps too immersive.

Together, these six individuals fight for their lives as the challenges in each room get increasingly more life-threatening. As you could imagine, there's plenty of death to go around.

We're first introduced to Ben, a grungy, alcoholic young adult who is quite down on his luck. Another important "Escape Room" player is Zoey, a highly intelligent college student who is attempting to do something that scares her over her school break. The surrounding players are Mike, a middle-aged goofball; Amanda, a young war veteran; Jason, a self-absorbed CEO; and Danny, an escape-room expert.

The waiting room turns out to be their first room. As the heat rises, the six must band together to figure out how they can all escape safely. From here, however, each room gets more intense as they go. The only way they'll make it out is if they stick together, use their heads and cooperate.

But we all know that not what's going to happen.


"Escape Room" is pretty predictable, but with this kind of movie, we're not necessarily looking for an experience that gives us too many unexpected twists and turns. The movie serves its purpose and is as entertaining as it needs to be for a while.

Toward the third act (around the sixth or seventh escape room), it starts to get old and ends up being just a bit more ridiculous than it should.

Watching "Escape Room" is much like watching "Saw" or "Final Destination," but without the blood and gore. The movie is rated PG-13 and would have benefited from an R rating. There is almost no blood in the movie, which was probably done to bring in a wider audience since not everyone loves watching blood and guts for two hours. However, for those who do love it, Escape Room might be a slight disappointment.

Overall, though, "Escape Room" serves its main purpose. It's an entertaining thriller and makes for a fun Friday night out at the movies.

Best scene: The upside-down barroom

Most ridiculous scene: The trippy, drug-induced room

Rewatchability: 60%

Grade: C+