On Mad Men, Don Draper says that the word "nostalgia" comes from a Greek word meaning "pain from an old wound" -- and he had never even heard Sum 41. November has plenty of nostalgia with its concert slate, which is packed full of classic rock legends and music video sex symbols, while still offering some exciting new acts as well. Don't worry about the age of some of these guys -- most of them have still got it, even Sum 41.

-- REO Speedwagon

Thursday, Nov. 15, Lowell Memorial Auditorium ($37.50)

If you take up the enviable task of discussing '70s/'80s arena rock, it would be impossible to do so without mentioning REO Speedwagon. You'll be sure to hear the sweet sounds of "Keep On Loving You" up and down E. Merrimack Street that night, but if you don't mind a little post-show ear-ringing, see them live instead.

REO Speedwagon
REO Speedwagon

-- The Who

Friday, Nov. 16, TD Garden, Boston ($50)

Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend are the only living original members of the Loudest Band in the World, but that shouldn't stop the current iteration of The Who from putting on a great show. Tickets start at $50 and include the possibility of guitar debris ricocheting into the seats closest to the stage.

-- Sum 41

Tuesday, Nov. 20, Paradise Rock Club, Boston ($20)

In their heyday, Sum 41 was a band tailor-made for the soundtrack to American Pie. At this point, they're probably not even suited to be on an American Pie direct-to-DVD sequel, but that doesn't mean you still can't rock out to "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep" in a live setting.


-- Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Saturday, Nov. 24, Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester N.H. ($32)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra may seem like a hokey niche band, but they put on a great show, especially if you're into some combination of prog rock, flashing lights, and Christmas hymns -- somewhere in there is some common ground that brings us all together.

-- Neil Young & Crazy Horse with Patti Smith

Monday, Nov. 26, TD Garden, Boston ($70)

Neil Young has reunited with Crazy Horse, with whom he collaborated on such hits as "Down by the River" and "Cowgirl in the Sand," on a new album, Psychedelic Pill. Subtle title.

-- Tedeschi Trucks Band

Thursday, Nov. 29, House of Blues, Boston ($45)

Forget Jay-Z and Beyonce -- if you want a musical power couple, look no further than Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks. If they had a kid, he or she would probably be a superhuman hybrid of Jimi Hendrix, Beethoven and Aretha Franklin -- with hopefully Tedeschi's looks. If you want a near-perfect collection of blues guitar rock songs, listen to last year's Revelator, or just go to this show.

-- Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Friday, Nov. 30, House of Blues, Boston ($32.50)

The best '70s rock band that isn't from the 70s, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, return to Boston for a two-night set at the House of Blues. Just go watch -- trust me.

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