Christine Hurley
Christine Hurley

Christine Hurley has shared the comedian's stage with some of the biggest names in standup, and she'll be coming back to Lowell on Thursday, Nov. 9, when she performs at Cavaleiro's Restaurant on Lawrence Street.

She'll perform with Paul D'Angelo at the show, which starts at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $20. Reservations are recommended for dinner and can be made at 978-458-2800.

Hurley, a Massachusetts resident, is among the tens of thousands of people who lost power with this weekend's storm, but she was nice enough to do answer a few questions via email.

SUN: Since the last time we talked (February 2016), things have been going really well for you it seems. How are you feeling about your career right now?

HURLEY: My career is going better than I ever thought it could. It seems like every week I am getting a call to go do a great gig! I can't believe how lucky I am. Things are going great. I am doing minimum six shows a week. I am booked through July of 2018 as of right now. I had an amazing summer, starting on Martha's Vineyard with Bill Murray, a week performing in New York City to the very prestigious Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, then 10 nights at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

SUN: It seems like so much has changed in this country in the past 18 months with the election and everything else. How has that impacted your comedy and your audience?


HURLEY: I am not and have never been a political comic. I have zero interest in pushing people's buttons politically. Some of my fellow comics are political onstage, and I will tell you, it never goes well. I feel that our audiences are paying good money to come out and laugh and get away from all the political baloney going on today. I won't touch any political topic.

SUN: From your website, I think you played Las Vegas in late August. What was that like and how have your thoughts been impacted by the recent terrible shootings there?

HURLEY: We actually flew out of Vegas less than a week before the shootings. We were there for about two weeks. I am still shocked that this happened. We were also there during McGregor/Mayweather so I did some Boston sports radio with some of the Boston stations that were out in Vegas covering the fight, and radio row was actually set up in the same tent, across from Mandalay Bay. Just shocking.

SUN: Given all that's going on, is it hard to find humor in the world these days?

HURLEY: Well, it is hard to find humor in the world today, but my material is always based on my little bubble at home ... my kids, my husband, my immediate family and friends and neighbors ... so I still can find humor in everyday situations that won't belittle everything terrible going on in our world today. Bottom line, I also think this type of humor is comforting to our audiences. It's a nice departure from real life ... when they hear about my dreadful real life!

SUN: How's your schedule right now and what topics are dominating your set?

HURLEY: My schedule is five nights a week, minimum. From December 3 to December 8, I will be performing in Aruba, then fly directly to Ft. Lauderdale for 4 nights at Dania Beach Casino. I'm gonna make hay when the sun is shining ... and I am working hard on new material every day ... which will still consist of everyday life as a wife and mom. I love love love my job and thank God every day for what I get to do. And I have to shout out to my poor long-suffering husband Jimmy Hurley ... my booker, driver, accountant, chief bottle washer. ... I would be nowhere without him!