Rebelution brings its reggae-rock band to the Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion on Thursday, Aug. 1, as part of the band's Good Vibes Summer Tour.

Rebelution, which includes singer-guitarist Eric Rachmany, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley and bassist Marley D. Williams, formed in California in 2004 and has released six studio albums, including its Grammy-nominated fifth album, "Falling Into Place," and its most recent effort, "Free Rein."

For a band that doesn't receive much mainstream radio play and relies heavily on word of mouth, getting a Grammy nomination was a huge honor, Rachmany said.

"We ended up doing the whole thing," he said. "We dressed up and walked the red carpet, which was a little weird for us because we're an independent band that got started playing backyard parties and we've just grown steadily every year. We've never had like a 'hit song.

"I guess our fans just know the catalog because there's no one specific song they expect to hear every night. I think our fans were proud of us for that and it felt like the band got some recognition after being together for so long, and the fans felt like they were part of it, too. They were the ones that helped spread the word about Rebelution, and they've been with us every step of the way."


Rachmany describes Rebelution as a reggae-inspired band, though since releasing its third album, 2012's "Peace of Mind," he says the group has experimented with other sounds and explored its rock, folk and even jazz influences. Thankfully, its core audience has continued to follow.

"I don't think our fans just listen to reggae music," he said. "I think they listen to a lot of different stuff, but it's really nice to be able to create anything and have that freedom and still get that acceptance from the fans. We are a band that is inspired by so many genres of music, and I think in the future with our albums, we'll continue to do that and try different stuff."

Aside from sold-out summer tour stops and festival dates all over the country, including the Summer Concert Series at New York City's Pier 17 and Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado, the band also partnered with Lost Abbey and The Hop Concept to create the Take on Anything IPA. As cannabis enthusiasts, the band has also worked with FlavRx to put out cannabis-oil cartridges in Sour Tsunami Sativa and Cali-O Indica.

"We've been big cannabis advocates for a long time, even before it became recreationally legal here in the state," he said of California. "I feel like I'm more of an educator in that movement than anything, and we like to do that through the music. If we're passionate about something, we'll tie it to the Rebelution name, and we're excited to venture into new things. Rory and Wes are big into beer, so they knew exactly what they wanted it to taste like and they were there every step of the way during that process, so that's just another thing that's really coming from the band."

Since the band likes to keep the good summer vibes going all year long, it also started its own destination event, dubbed the Bright Side Festival, in Jamaica last year. The four-night fest took place in January and was a success, so it's returning in 2020.

"We thought Jamaica would be a perfect place because it has had such an influence on us musically," he said. "We had the understanding that most of the people coming to the festival would be from the United States, and we wanted to give them a good taste of what Jamaica is like, and it ended up just being a great experience. Next year, we'll have a lot more Jamaican acts on the festival, too. We spent years touring through North America during the winter months in some places where it was negative-15-degree weather, so we're very happy to be doing this now in Jamaica in January."

Rebelution is at Rockland Trust Bank Pavilion on Aug. 1. Tickets are $37.50. Visit