If you are considering putting your home on the market and want to make a great first impression with the oh-so-popular "WOW" impact, knowing what rooms in your home to focus on will give you a large advantage to attracting first-time lookers.

Debbe Daley shows how repainting can make a big dif­ference in staging. SUN/JON HILL
Debbe Daley shows how repainting can make a big dif­ference in staging. SUN/JON HILL
When full home staging is not an option, at least make the effort to stage key rooms in your home.

What are key rooms that should be considered for staging if you are putting your house on the market? Entry hall, kitchen, family room, master bedroom and bathrooms should be treated with the staging touch.

Tips for staging key rooms

Entry hall: This is the first space the potential buyer will see when entering the home. Add color through artwork; a hall table with a lamp and some fresh flowers add warmth and interest.

Family room: This is the room where the family gathers. furnish it with a loveseat, coffee table, end table, table lamp, window treatment, wall art and accessories.


l Find the focal point in the room -- a fireplace, a window with a view, or it could be the TV. Make sure your largest piece of furniture addresses the focal point.

l Remove any unnecessary furniture in the room. Create a seating area without the need for too much furniture. Eliminating additional pieces will create a feeling of a larger room.

l Bring in tables and lamps to complete your seating area.

l Lightly accessorize. Bookcases should be lightened up. Too many books in a bookcase give a feeling of clutter. Lighten the load by removing books and creating some open shelf spacing. Add interesting articles to the bookcase -- small plants, decorative boxes and candles. These items will add some interest to your shelf groupings.

Kitchen: This is the heart of the home. Consider some highlight staging here.

l After the kitchen has been de-cluttered and all small appliances stored off the countertop add some accessories.

l Add a colorful bowl of fruit on the center island.

l A few green leaf or flowering plants placed around the sink window will add warmth.

l Some colorful bottles of cooking oil in the corner of the countertop or a cookbook placed on a book stand suggest a cozy place to cook and gather.

Master bedroom: Create a sanctuary for the buyers to envision themselves retiring to.

l Furnishings should include queen-size bed, dresser, night stand and table lamps and a comfy chair if the room's space allows.

l Accessories such as greenery, wall art and window treatments create a warm and homey retreat.

Bathrooms: Easy to highlight. Stage through accessorizing.

l A great wall color here and colorful towels will provide an added pop.

l Green plants and artwork will complete your highlight staging.

l Rolled towels in a basket near the bathtub is an inviting look.

Staging key rooms in your home before putting it on the market is crucial in the selling process. Maximize your selling opportunities by giving your home the model-home look. Visit Debbe Daley online at her Daley Decor Blog