Beauty's most recent legendary breakthrough is the bold brow look. Cara Delevigne, Camilla Belle, Lily Collins -- they all have something in common, their famous eyebrows. It's funny now sitting here on pinterest with brow envy toward these three ladies. I remember when seventh grade rolled around and I was as ready as ever to say goodbye to my thick brows and hello to hot wax. However, my eyebrows never were thin, even after waxing, but I prefer them on the thicker side. I'm kicking my 13-year-old self as we speak. What was she thinking? Bold brows are beautiful, and an emerging trend in beauty.

Now I've found myself skipping out on threading and waxing appointments, and only popping in for a trim every so often. I prefer plucking at home now that my eyebrows are thicker, and I've never been happier with them. Flipping through any magazine or watching a runway show, you'll notice that the models are all sporting thick brows. I'm not quite sure what prompted the trend, but on the right person (like Cara Delevigne, pictured) it can bring out the most beautiful facial features, and so much more depth.

So what happens if you're lacking in the brow department? First, I'd suggest holding off on things like threading and waxing, so you can grow them out. It's easier to work with shape if there's more of it. Growing them out isn't the prettiest process, but when it's over and you have something to work with, you'll be pleased.


Once you have eyebrows to work with, shape them however you prefer. The trend is kind of to just roll with the natural, straight shape of them. Angular brows aren't pretty on anyone, so I'd just leave them be. That's what I did with mine. Next, head to a store like Sephora or even a drug store, and pick up a retractable eyebrow pencil that's closest to the color of your hair. This is a powerful tool, so you must be careful. With the pencil, simply trace your eyebrow to make it darker and bolder. On the inside parts of the eyebrow, right in the center of the forehead where each brown begins, make the shape -- round or edged -- that you want your brows to be. If this part is bold and shaped perfectly, then you're golden. If you mess up, Q-tips are your best friend. Really -- they help angle the brows perfectly. Just add a little water and a tiny bit of soap to the tip of one, outline what you've done in pencil to clean it up, and your brows will be flawless. This sounds like it takes a lot longer than it actually does. I can promise you that it's a quick process and not a big deal to add to your daily beauty routine.

If you have boring brows, spice them up! It's easy, not very time consuming and brings out features in your face that will make you feel a whole lot more beautiful. Believe me, I'm talking from experience. You'll be happy that you gave it a try.

Allow yourself to have the brow factor.

xx, ZM