Playing dress up, does it ever truly end? I don't think so. I still find myself trying on outfits with ridiculous combinations of tops and bottoms, and laughing while searching my closet for something serious to wear. It's fun, and it's what girls do. But let's put dress up aside for a moment and discuss dressing up. Maybe you have a party or formal event to attend soon. Do you know the latest trend of the formal fashion world? It's tulle. Yes, the poofy, itchy fabric we all hated having in our dresses as little girls. But now, tulle is fabulous on its own and I'm here to help you all rock it flawlessly.

So, what in the world do you pair a tulle skirt with? That's easy. Girls throughout the fashion world have been putting tulle skirts together with casual tops, even t-shirts. Yes, that's right, t-shirts! You might find yourself saying, "hey, that's not formal," but I'm not done just yet. So once you've paired your plain Jane tee with your over-the-top tulle skirt, it's time to accessorize. To distribute the style equally between your top and bottom halves, add statement jewelry to the top! Necklaces are your best friend in this situation, and the bolder the better. Layer up and make that t-shirt into something much more stylish. After this, add a few bracelets so your arms have some fashion bragging rights, and you're good to go. As far as shoes go, try a pair of heels. Nothing too high, but you don't want to have a chic outfit going and have the wrong pair of kicks ruin it.


The moral of the story is, if you're willing to think outside the box and put on a tulle skirt, keep the rest simple and be sure to accessorize. Accessories are a huge thing now, and statement pieces are a must in a look like this. If you're going to do it, do it right! Best of luck, my style proteges.

You can never be too cool for tulle.

xx, ZM