I adore nail polish, and I always have. The best thing about it is that no matter somebody's shape, size or dress, a great color nail polish will look fabulous. I'll never forget how excited I was when I learned how to paint my own nails. I was a very little girl and granted, I didn't go about it neatly, but it was so exciting to finally learn how to do it. My grandmother would babysit me and we'd stop by her friend's house, and they would both instruct me on how to give myself the perfect manicure. Afterwards, I'd always smudge my polish playing with her puppy. It was worth it though, I loved that dog. I'll never forget those days, perhaps it's why I love nail polish so much now.

Since then, so many nail trends have arisen. Multi-colored manicures, one sparkly nail on each hand, neon polish -- I swear I've tried it all. After each trend coming and going, my favorite nail color remains a bright red. It's shiny, chic and makes your hands stand out. After all, isn't that what nail polish is meant to do? Any bold nail color will do the trick, as long as it's a color that you love.

Let's talk application. I have a pre-manicure routine for myself. First, I thoroughly wash my hands and I make sure to use a lot of soap. Next, I file my nails so they're all somewhat the same shape. I can never decide if I like them more on the square or the round side, so I always switch off, and then never remember what I did previously. After that, here's the kicker.


Apply a clear coat before you put on the polish, this will make the nail polish stay on longer and have a more firm stick on your nail. I read it somewhere years ago, and it really does work! Then, you're good to go. If you have a bright color, two coats will do the trick. Make sure to wait a little over a minute in between coats so your polish doesn't get all sticky and gross. If your color is on the lighter side, you may need three coats, I think four would be pushing it. After your color is applied, welcome back your old friend, the clear coat. Or if you have an anti-chip overcoat, that works too. Apply one thin layer of this on top of your color and your manicure is here to stay! Your color will last long if you follow these easy steps. Once they've dried, it's time for a little touching up. I always put nail polish remover on Q-tips and touch up around the edges to finish off the job. If you have polish in tiny crevices on your finger tips, try even putting remover on a toothpick and trying to get it off that way. That's one of my own tricks! Post touch-up, your manicure is finished.

I like to do my nails on Monday, or as I call it manicure Monday, and have one color for the week. It's fun to switch it up every week and try out new colors. Looking down at a neat, colorful manicure I did myself is always fulfilling, and a little color helps me keep positive. Plus, whenever I paint my nails, I always think back to being a cheerful little girl and being so excited to go to my Yiayia's house to paint my nails and it puts a smile on my face.

Put a little color on your tips.

xx, ZM

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