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I'm currently in Costa Rica and dressing as colorfully as can be. Brights, pastels, metallics -- you name it, and I bet it was in my suitcase. After all, I did only beat the 50 lb. luggage limit by .5 of a pound... Anyhow, part of my fashion statement down here in Central America is colored bangles. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful Valentine who gave me a gorgeous blueish-purple bangle (really a cuff) that I can incorporate into my summer style looks. Looking to try out new accessories? I'd definitely suggest bangles and cuffs, and they're truly so easy to wear.

Step one to rocking the bangle/cuff look is to roll up your sleeves. Leave a little room between your wrists and forearms to put your bracelets. Bangles look best when paired with a watch and a few regular bracelets, so don't be shy. Have your own "arm party," meaning load up on your accessories because it's in style! Usually when I wear my bangles, I move them up a little further on my arm than the rest of my bracelets to distinguish them. I like to put different colored bangles together, and this is based on whichever colors are present in my outfit. The most important part about this trend is that it's so effortless. Round up a couple of bracelets, gather two or three bangles, cuff your sleeves, and you're good to go! Everyone around town will want to know how to wear this look once you have. Believe me... Be sure match your colors, pair the bangles with other bracelets and a watch and make sure the look is bold and visible.


Much love from Costa Rica

xx, ZM